A  B  O  U  T       U  S

We’re Peter and Veronica, two Southern California based flea market fanatics, space creators and beauty builders who share the same passion for craftsmanship.  Together we make up New + Nostalgic Vintage Rentals.

VERONICA PINCOSKI, Founder & Chief Picker

A lifelong lover of vintage wares, ripped jeans and country music, Veronica is a mix of comfort, tradition and funk. She grew up in the sun-soaked farmlands of the California delta - pretty dreamy!  One of six kids, her mother frequented yard sales with her brood in tow. There Veronica's love for "the hunt" was born and she's been breathing life into vintage treasures every since.  

PETER PINCOSKI, Founder & Builder Extraordinaire

This guy's mind never stops and we wouldn't have it any other way! Peter is a tinkerer. He takes our vision and makes it reality. When he's not in the shop, you'll find him sipping coffee, tuning his 1973 Ford F350, researching his next project or chasing his tow-headed protege around.