Urban Gardening

It's tough to tell but my family is Sicilian and Sicilian's love fresh herbs and produce! Growing up my family always had a garden and one of my fondest childhood memories was picking our Halloween pumpkins from our very own garden. 

Now that we have a small backyard, I've decided to try my hand at raised-bed gardening. I thought, "I have a degree in Landscape Architecture, let's not let it go to waste." I began by purchasing organic: lettuce, yellow beans, chives, green onion, basil, parsley and carrot seeds from Seed Savers Exchange.  Seed Savers Exchange is an amazing organization that is committed to the conservation and protection of America's culturally diverse food crop heritage. 

Starting your vegetables and herbs from seeds is so much more fulfilling than purchasing them in plant form, plus it's much more affordable! I began germinating our seeds in a seed starter kit which worked like magic. I could not wait to get home each day to check their progress. 

We decided to plant our garden in a raised planter for a couple reasons: one, we currently rent our home and wanted to take any investment in the planter system with us when we move. Two, we have clay soil which proves difficult to grow in due to a lack in moisture retention. Check out this helpful article on soil quality for further details. We installed the raised planter with a weed barrier, all purpose vegetable soil and a simple drip irrigation system. 

When transplanted our little sprouts and have been eating high on the hog ever since! 

We'd love to hear what you've planted this season! Share below.