Hospital Bag Essentials

Many of my friends are making their mama debuts in 2018 and I couldn't be more excited to expand our tribe! Deciding what to bring to the hospital can be a daunting task for a first time mama. Being the planner that I am, I did an obscene amount of research on what to take to the hospital when Cole was born. The childbirth experience is a combination of nerves and exhilaration and it was important for me to incorporate my creature comforts into our experience. Here are my hospital bag essentials for mama, baby and dad.

Be sure to share your own hospital bag essentials below.

Hospital Bag.jpg


  1. This Madela Nursing Bra was amazing for lounging and sleeping, providing easy access to the tatas.
  2. Nothing makes me feel more at home more than my own blanket and pillow.
  3. I lived in these Kindred Bravely Nursing Tanks for at least three months.
  4. Dark panties, nuff said. I loved this option. 
  5. Hospitals are kept cold to prevent the spread of bacteria which can dry out your skin and lips. Burt's Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm will moisturize while giving you a tint of color.
  6. This Nipple Butter literally saved me. I used it religiously and am happy to report that I experienced no cracking or bleeding. Big plus, it is lanolin-free, organic and safe for baby. 
  7. There’s nothing like slipping your feet into a new pair of socks. I stocked up on these ultra-soft cotton socks for our big parenting adventure.
  8. My hair game would not be the same without you - Living Proof Dry Shampoo.
  9. Don't forgot your toiletries.
  10. Chambray has been a staple in my closet since 2010 and was a great choice for my "going home outfit". This top is soft, comfortable and best of all, you can easily breastfeed while wearing it. 
  11. This adorable starry nightlight wouldn't be considered an essential for everyone. For me, it was a must and provided the perfect mood lighting for labor and middle of the night feedings. Did I mention that Peter even hooked it up to a remote control for husband ever award! 
  12. If no one has told you yet, allow me. You’ll basically be wearing an adult diaper for a couple of days post childbirth. These cozy pajamas were easy to breastfeed in, but best of all they made me feel sexy even while wearing a diaper. 
  13. My body was aching for a hot shower after 38 hours of labor. Afterward I wrapped myself in this luscious robe for some skin-to-skin time with our new bundle.
  14. Don't retire those pregnancy leggings just yet! They make the perfect bottoms to go home by holding everything in place. 
  15. With so many interruptions from nurses to doctors - don't let sunlight be one of them. 
  16. Pair these fun, yet practical sneakers with your going home outfit for an ath-leisure inspired look.   


  1.  This click n' go Britax Car Seat is a staple on every moms registry. It's also BOB compatible!     
  2. Breastfeeding has been made so much easier thanks to my Boppy Pillow
  3. When it came to taking Cole home I wanted him as comfortable as possible. I chose this organic cotton kimono whose side snap are "stump friendly." 
  4. I love love love my Honest City Backpack it's functional, chic and affordable! 
  5. Footed kimono and zip up sleepers were a newborn staple in our home. 
  6. The Hush Infant Hat reduces noise while keeping your newborn warm.
  7. We went through heaps of these organic cotton onesies during the first few weeks. 
  8. Cole loved to be swaddled! Aden + Anais swaddles were our favorite, they are soft and stay tucked.
  9. Keep those precious tootsies warm with these adorable socks


  1. Stay connected and share those special moments by staying charged.   
  2. Bringing a set of earplugs will ensure Dad can get some undisturbed shuteye.
  3. When it comes to lounge wear, Henley shirts are Peter's favorite
  4. Lululemon Cross Cut Jogger
  5. Herschel's hip weekender and toiletry bag are perfect for a quick hospital stay.       
  6. Set the delivery room mood with your own personal birthing playlist using Bose Soundlink.   
  7. We invested in the Nikon D5300 to capture our family's special moments.