Citrus Mint Body Scrub

Fall is my favorite time of the year! I love the chilly, fresh mornings and the sense that something new, yet familiar, is just around the corner. Along with the usual fall suspects: boots, scarves and hats comes the dreaded dull, dry skin. Nothing combats dry skin quite like an indulgent DIY body scrub. This recipe is so easy to make, smells and feels great and is moisturizing too! 

Give it a shot, autumn-proof your skin by following these simple steps for glowy fall skin. 


Heat the coconut oil on a low temperature until the oil is completely melted. Mix the sugar, epsom salt, orange zest and fresh mint in a large mixing bowl. Slowly add in the melted coconut oil, essential oil and optional food coloring, mixing thoroughly until the consistency is slushy-like. Store the scrub in a mason jar or other container for easy access. I like to keep my scrub in the shower because the warm temperature softens the solidified coconut oil making it perfect for application. 

Are you a scrub addict like me? We'd love to hear your favorite recipes, share below.