How To | Restore a Vanity

Sometimes it's just plain fun to take risks! The bathroom is the perfect place to let your creative energy flow.

I’m am a big fan of pops-of-color and I knew that my recent navy obsession was the perfect paint choice for our outdated vanity. A little paint can work wonders, and I mean wonders! After sampling twenty or so shades of navy I chose Old Navy in semi-gloss by Valspar which set the tone for the entire bathroom's design. Brass hardware is very popular and price at the moment, in lieu of spending a fortune on hardware we saved by using a mix of Ikea, anthropologie and vintage hardware which gave our bathroom that perfect-imperfect vibe that we were looking for. 

This project was quick, inexpensive and produced fantastic results - but best of all - even the most inexperienced person can tackle their very our vanity by following these few simple steps.

Get out there and rebuild a beautiful vanity! 

DESIGN TIP | All bathrooms have one thing in common: they get wet! Not all paint can withstand the type of humidity created by baths and showers. Always use a semi-gloss paint in areas where moisture accumulates. 



The better you prepare and clean any project, the better the results will be. Make sure that your vanity is wiped down thoroughly, free of any gunk or funk and that all hardware has been removed. 

Step 1

Tape off your painting area and make sure that your floor is protected by securing a drop cloth or drop paper. 

Step 2

Get-a-painting! Our vanity was originally a shade of dark brown so I chose to prime the surface first, followed by Old Navy in semi-gloss by Valspar Reserve.  

Step 3

Allow each coat of paint to dry for at least one hour between applications. Three coats of paint should be enough to withstand the high traffic in a bathroom. 

Step 4

Clean up and start styling! 

Design Tip |  Always allow paint to cure for 24 hours before placing any objects on its surface such as hardware. 

Don'f forget to share your fun paint projects below!